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- Accountability in Nursing and Midwifery
 Format: Pdf  Penulis: Stephen Tilley BA, RMN, PhD ,  Kategori: Keperawatan  Penerbit: Wiley-Blackwell  Telah Terbit: 09 Jun, 2008  ISBN: 0-632-06469-2  Laman: 240  Bahasa: Inggris  Edisi: 2  Download

Accountability is a key concern for nurses and midwives in the NHS today. Professional accountability—being responsible for your actions and for the outcomes of these actions—is part of the framework of clinical governance, which aims to provide good quality, cost-effective, evidence-based care.

The second edition of Accountability in Nursing and Midwifery addresses current issues and key concerns in accountability, focusing on accountability in the four main branches of nursing (adult, child, learning disabilities and mental health), as well as in midwifery, community nursing, and nursing management. In an increasingly litigious society, the ethical and legal implications of accountability are growing and it is important that nurses understand the implications for everyday practice.

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