Nursing Law and Ethics 1985

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Nursing Law and Ethics 1985

- Nursing Law and Ethics
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The whole truth about nursing is reflected by its comprehensive history. The devel-
opment of the nursing image has a long history.
Whereas criminal literature describes prostitution as the oldest female occupa-
tion, nursing records insist that nursing is the oldest of the professions of women,
with its roots to be found at the cradle of mankind. As there has always been dis-
ease, nursing started where man began to care for the sick.
The Old Testament describes various paranursing activities: Rebekah’s nurse
accompanied her when she left with Abraham’s servant to meet Isaac, and the pro-
phet Isaiah stated: “thy daughters shall be nursed at they side” (60:4).
Ancient Jewish law dealt with health and disease and took the first steps toward
Institutional nursing had been formally established by Christianity, particularly
through the Christian concept of charity with its origins in the Jewish tradition. The
Hebrews organized charitable societies for supporting the sick, while the Christians
built hospitals and maintained them. Some of their oldest hospitals were built in Is-
rael. Basil, the Bishop of Caesarea had already founded his hospital in 370 A. D,
with the institution named after him: the Basilias. Its staff consisted of physicians
and nurses. In the beginning of the 12th century, Brother Gerard had built a large
hospital in Jerusalem which was kept by the Order of the Knights of St. John. Other
hospitals were founded by the Crusaders in Jerusalem and Acre in those years.

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