The Social Construction of Community Nursing of Community Nursing

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The Social Construction of Community Nursing of Community Nursing

- The Social Construction of Community Nursing
 Format: Pdf  Penulis: Anne Kelly and Anthea Symonds ,  Kategori: Keperawatan  Penerbit: PALGRAVE MACMILLAN  Penerbit Bersama: PALGRAVE MACMILLAN  Telah Terbit: 03 Dec, 2003  ISBN: 0–333–75006–3  Laman: 233  Bahasa: Inggris  Ukuran File: 660 Kb  Download

Health care systems across the world are confronted by the problem of
ever-increasing demands for services against a background of constraints on
the resources available to provide them. The problem represents a major
headache for those at all levels of policy-making, decision-making and com-
missioning services and for those at the forefront of service provision and
delivery. The need to ensure that limited resources are channelled into effec-
tive interventions has provided additional impetus to the drive towards evi-
dence-based practice, while at the same time endeavouring to reduce levels of
inequalities which exist in terms of provision and health status. The notion of
evidence-based practice, with its emphasis not only on how health profession-
als practise, but also on what they practise, has been one of the factors which
have resulted in the appraisal of the roles and responsibilities of health care
professionals. In addition, the social status of health care professionals in
society has shifted following high profile media cases, which have seriously
undermined public confidence in the health care professions.
At the same time it is becoming increasingly apparent that health profes-
sionals must learn to increasingly work in partnership relationships with other
agencies and members of local communities to promote health effectively.
Community involvement in health through such partnerships has been widely
advocated, but translating intention into practice is complex and represents a
challenge for all the stakeholders involved in the change process. Such part-
nership arrangements require a transformation of the professional role from
protagonist to partner, and the patient–client role from passive recipient to
partner. These partnership approaches have considerable merit in health care
systems that emphasise active involvement and self-care actions of individuals
and families to maintain health and prevent disease, and the role of commu-
nity nurses within such situations has particular significance. Partnership
approaches and the role of community nurses are also important in situations
involving underserved, vulnerable, ethnic minority and other socially excluded
groups in society. For too long, professionals and policy-makers have relegated
these groups to passive roles in health decision-making and action, with health
inequalities providing vivid testimony of such neglect.

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