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THROUGHOUT the many editions and revisions
of this book, I received a lot of feedback and
many responses about the ideas presented.
These arrived in writing, in person, in meet-
ings, and in e-mails. Many responses, from
many corners of the world, reflected a real
intellectual engagement in the book. Some
were inspired by our theoretical history, others
questioned our philosophical past, but most
thought the dialogues that evolved from dis-
cussing the ideas in the book reaffirmed their
identity in nursing and ignited their pride in
the profession and the discipline of nursing.
These comments, reviews, and suggestions for
revisions made me realize that the major role
of this book is empowering its readers. It has
given the readers a voice to engage, debate,
and to challenge sacred cows about how our
discipline evolved and ways by which we can
evaluate growth in the discipline

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